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Warhol: Headlines PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 31 January 2015 23:36


NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART June 12 to September 9, 2012

This is the first exhibition devoted to works by Andy Warhol on the subject of newspaper titles. Warhol: Headlines collects and presents about 80 works - paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, film, video and television - based largely on news of the tabloids, which leaked from the obsession with the sensational side of contemporary media that characterized throughout his career. Are compared with the works carried out different techniques and media to show how to cut out Warhol, altered, obscured, and rearranged the text and original images, emphasizing his role as editor of that author. The exhibition is organized by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Museum of Rome and Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt.

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The Night of the Museum 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 31 January 2015 23:36


19/05/2012 The Night of Museums 2012


Saturday, May 19 adheres Rome, for the fourth consecutive year, the appointment with the Night of Museums, an event that takes place since 2005 with success in Europe and this year will involve more than 3,000 museums in 40 European countries. The state museums, municipal museums, libraries, municipal, private museums, academies and foreign cultural institutions, the University Sapienza, institutes and cultural centers, historic buildings of Rome are extraordinarily open and free of charge from 20 to night at 2 am. Citizens and tourists can visit free of charge to permanent and temporary exhibitions hosted by interested museums, attend concerts and performances, participate in many events. The Night of the Museums of Rome, an exciting experience in 2011 was attended by over 200,000 people this year will involve more than 90 important cultural and exhibition spaces of the city, including the Capitoline Museums, Macro, Montemartini, Markets Trajan, Exhibition Palace, Casa del Cinema, House of Jazz and the museums of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Piazza Di siena 2012 "Show Jumping" PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 31 January 2015 23:36


Roma Piazza di Siena 2012 "Show Jumping" 26-29 May 2012

Piazza di Siena takes its name from the city of origin of one of the most ancient and noble families of Rome: the Borghese. At the end of 16th century, Prince Marcantonio Borghese commissioned to architects Mario and Antonio Asprucci a new space, able to recall the places he beloved. His desire, in fact, was to bring, in the city of Rome, the traditional popular celebrations atmosphere they enjoyed, since the Middle Ages, in Tuscany. Unfortunately Prince Marcantonio died before he could see it. Piazza di Siena’s debut in equestrian competitions was in 1922, but only in 1926 the International Equestrian Federation included the Roman competition in the international agenda. The 1928 edition will remain in annals, not only because this date is usually considered the birth of the of the Piazza di Siena Horse Show - with four teams competing: France, Poland, Spain and Italy, and with the triumph of Italian captain Sandro Bettoni - but also because, from then the official numeration of the CSIO of Rome began. Some of the most relevant episodes of Italian riding took place in this public park, which is considered the biggest and more elegant of Rome: unforgettable challenges between extraordinary protagonists such as Bettoni, D’Inzeo or Graziano Mancinelli and other flagmen of this noble sport. The appointment with the horse show was suspended only from 1940 to 1947, during the second world war. In 1960, while Piazza di Siena hosted the competitions of the Olympic Games of Rome, the C.S.I.O. moved to Turin. In 1998, instead, the International Official Horse Show left place to the World Equestrian Games performed in the Flaminio Stadium. But in 2000, Piazza di Siena had its reprisal hosting two CSIO, in May and in October, when it witnessed the final of the Super Samsung League. In 2003 the International Show Jumping of Piazza Siena joined the eight best international show jumping of the Top League.

Open Museums on Saturday night PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 31 January 2015 23:36
Museums are open every Saturday until September 3. It is the cultural offer for the Roman summer, which provides the extraordinary opening of the exhibition and together shows, music and theater. This will make it possible to visit collections, historical heritage, exhibitions "after hours" while watching dance performances, theater, music, poetry
Saturday, 31 January 2015 23:36
The starry night above me, the art inside and outside of me, could be the Kantian formula kindly revised the juice of the "Night of the Museums" event in the round with the culture reached its third edition in Rome. For this international event involving museums and institutions across Europe (3000, in over 40 countries) Saturday, May 14 will be opened in the capital, with free access from 20 pm to 2 am, more than 80 museums - state, civic, private - public libraries, academies and foreign cultural institutions, as well as the Sapienza University, schools and houses of culture, historic buildings. istituti e le case di cultura, i palazzi storici.

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