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After the debut of Los Angeles and dates in Japan, the premieres of the alien abroad WORLD TOUR Giovanni Allevi conclude in Lugano - the city that hosted the eponymous album recording - the February 11, 2011 at the congress.

The ALIEN WORLD TOUR "land" at last in Italy, with the concert-event of 19 February to Palalottomatica in Rome that offer exceptionally and for the first time in history, his stage a concert of solo piano. The time Roman will launch an extensive tour in the major Italian theaters in order to continue again on the prestigious stages of the world.

"Alien" is the title of the new album of unreleased piano solo by Giovanni Allevi published September 28 (manufactured by BizArt and distributed by Sony Music).

The album was recorded at the prestigious Auditorio RSI - Radio and Television in Lugano Switzerland, a place "sacred" of classical music where they performed great artists over the years, from Igor Stravinsky to Martha Argerich.

"Alien is the hard sweeter, impetuous and passionate that ever came out of my fingers. I let the music to flow without restriction, to a complex construction, where the compositional technique is always at the service of expressiveness. The musical creation - said John - takes me to places so distant from everyday life, abstract and emotional at the same time, every time I find myself looking at the world with new eyes, so that an alien feel surrounded by aliens. "Alien" is an experimental work, where research is aimed towards the expansion of musical forms and the achievement of an obsessive purity of sound, designed to enhance the sounds and rhythms of contemporaryso la dilatazione delle forme e il raggiungimento di una purezza maniacale del suono, volti ad esaltare le sonorità e i ritmi della contemporaneità».