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The Rome Film Festival 2010 (to be held from October 28 to November 5, 2010) this year 's celebrating a great actor of Italian cinema: Ugo Tognazzi. The Rome Film Festival for the next 2010 edition commemorates Ugo Tognazzi, 20 years after his death.
TRIBUTE TO Ugo Tognazzi: The documentary film portrait of my father

During the Rome Film Festival will premiere the documentary Portrait of My Father, signed by the daughter of Ugo Tognazzi (Maria Sole Tognazzi), produced by 'Ascent Films Matteo Rovere. The documentary film portrait of my father is a portrait of Ugo Tognazzi built not only through the memories of his daughter Maria Sole Tognazzi, but also with interviews with his co-workers (as Monicelli Scola, Michel Piccoli, Laura Morante and Valeria Golino ) and their children Ricky, Gianmarco Tognazzi and Thomas. In the documentary film Portrait of my Father there are also unusual: actual records of family life, social and working on the set of Ugo Tognazzi.
The screening of the documentary film Portrait of My Father at Rome Film Festival 2010 will also be accompanied by a meeting dedicated to the figure of Ugo Tognazzi in involving the family and many of the actors who worked with him
THE FATHER AND THE FOREIGN FILM (Alessandro Gassman and Ksenia Rappoport): Ricky Tognazzi THE NEW FILM THE FILM FESTIVAL OF ROME in 2010

In addition to 'homage to Ugo Tognazzi, the Rome Film Festival 2010 will screen the new film also Ricky Tognazzi: The father and the Stranger, based on the novel by Giancarlo De Cataldo and played by Alessandro Gassman and Ksenia Rappoport. The plot of the film's father and the Stranger has a rich history, produced by Grazia Volpi Ager3 and RaiCinema, it touches on the difficulties of being both foreign and fathers of young offenders in an intolerant world.
The film's father and the Stranger takes place just in a chaotic Rome, Teatro dell 'meeting between the protagonists of the film: two fathers, an Arab and an Italian who share a pain. The force unleashed by 'friendship forms between the two is the' antidote to suffering and it is also an opportunity for growth for both.

For more information: www.romacinemafest.org