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Renato Zero turns 60: an important goal that Renato Zero decided to celebrate with all his fans "sorcini" with a new and special Tour 2010. It is titled "Six Zero" the new Tour 2010 Renato Zero chose Rome to celebrate his 60 years with 6 dates of live concerts in the capital. The 6 Renato Zero concert in Rome will be the real-evening event with music, voice and great presence of Renato Zero live. In any event, Renato Zero will make it a different show with guests and with the songs of his long and wonderful career. The sarate Six Zero Tour 2010 also will host the Zero Village: a place where they will be showing the historical costumes of Renato Zero, photographs and a movie theater in which all the "sorcini" will review the greatest live concerts by Renato Zero.
The concerts Six Zero Tour 2010 in Rome will then be a great opportunity to celebrate together with Renato Zero.

Hours Concert starts Renato Zero Roma: 21.00
Location Renato Zero concert in Rome: Piazza di Siena - Roma
Renato Zero tour dates in Rome:
29 and September 30, 2010 - by Renato Zero concert in Roma
2, 3, 5 and 6 October 2010 - Renato Zero concert in Roma

Tickets cost Renato Zero concert in Rome:
- Poltronissima: 60 euros (+ presale rights)
- Forum Authority: 60 euros (+ presale rights)
- Armchair: 55 euros (+ presale rights)
- Tribune central right and left unnumbered: 45 euros (+ presale rights)
- Armchair lateral view: 40 euros (+ presale rights)
- Tribune right side and left unnumbered: 35 euros (+ presale rights)

Infoline Renato Zero concert in Rome: Around the Show tel. 06-20382934

Advance tickets Renato Zero concert in Rome on the circuit Ticketone and F & P Group (tel. 02-4805731; website www.fepgroup.it)