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Jazz's House Summertime 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 June 2010 18:47
Back, like every summer, from Sunday, June 27, Summertime, the series of concerts held outdoors in the park's House of Jazz.

A calendar full of the usual ingredients now planning the "House" that goes between the various components of the jazz players of the historical world scene, new names on the contemporary scene, emerging talent; contamination; Italian jazz.

Some names among the musicians who will perform "Summertime 2010" Tom Harrell, Steve Grossman, Rosario Giuliani, Roberto Gatto, Eivind Aarset, Jeff Ballard Mark Turner, Sissoko, Vincent Segal, J oe La Barbera, Darryl Hall, Portico Quartet , Dado Moroni, Pantarei, Frank Ferguson, Larry Grenadier. Appointments are scheduled until July 30 to 21 in the House of Jazz in the Park.
Sunday, June 27 at the opening of "Summertime 2010" special event, from 18 to 24, with free entry, with: "Frank Ferguson Improring Day," a real happening that will be stationed at various points in the Park.

Franco Ferguson is a collective formed by musicians and who share a critical, creative and unorthodox music to jazz and related thereto.
The group aims to enhance and connect with each other all / and those that move in this area. Involve as many musicians / and in a cooperative and collective vision of music where the artist feels part of a "movement" rather than "between each individual."
Franco Ferguson abstraction creative improvisation is the social and cultural revolt is the tank and the holding of a second. Franco Ferguson plays the silence of art and ecstasy revolutionary leaps sounds reticent and shy, strikes and disappears from the limelight.
The collective and organized is the direct expression of its founders. The collective use of "appeared" more or less persistent and / or substantial form of sponsors, supporters and heartthrob.