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Monday, 03 May 2010 09:51

Scatti di William Klein

from 14 of April to 25 of July
Mercati di Traiano

The vitality of Rome 60 shots in the Markets of Trajan copyright of William Klein, the exhibition "Rome - photographs from 1956 to 1960" open to the public from April 14 to July 25. More than a show, a true art installation, built on a unique play of references between such different "archeology" of this wonderful market, with its times, its ornaments, its marbles, and that some forcing can be called "minor" (or perhaps better "minor", practically beardless) was born in Rome since the war, crossing villages and aristocratic splendor, nervous "scapigliatura and fraschette on the banks of the Tiber, cultured from a William Klein in full creative grace.

A display that shows, in addition to our recent past, unrepeatable adventure of life and art: William Klein, a young painter, graphic artist and photographer, veteran of the success of his book-photo diary of New York, arrived in Rome in 1956 invited Fellini. Should the assistant director, but the film, "Nights of Cabiria," hard to leave. Klein finds himself in Rome, a city that knows, with his camera, and plenty of time to wander. The moment is magical atmosphere of those years is covered by an extraordinary vitality and Klein is found to have companions in adventure amazing: in addition to the Fellini are the driving Pasolini Flaiano, Moravia.

And the 60 images collected for the Markets of Trajan captures the spirit of the city and its inhabitants so amazing, fresh, innovative: a masterful black and white faces alternate common games of football in the streets, and set of characters parades and receptions , family celebrations and small shops, places of sociability classics, from the bar to the barber.

The comments accompanying the photos are no less enjoyable counterpoint to patrol Klein. From his travel diary are taken real pearls, sketches of sulfur like this that illustrates the celebration of the Communion in dell'Ostiense restaurants along the banks of the Tiber: "The mixed communions, speeches served to one another as . We all applauded, the waiter brought the dessert, the accordion player, me. It was a beautiful festae would certainly be a great expense for families. But no matter how poor, a Roman is ready to offer all its children even parents ruined. "

Klein's work on Rome has become a cornerstone of visual culture and an indispensable reference for every photographer, one of the most famous collections in the history of photography is the testimony of a visionary and amazing together, an act of love for this city.

Today, exactly fifty years, this exhibition and the book that accompanies it, make photographic tribute by returning the magic of those years and the surprising depth of the look of Klein. Unprecedented as shown, Rome Klein is the confirmation of a genius of photography and recording of a golden period in our city.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Rome City Department of Cultural Policy and Communications - Superintendency of Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with contrast, with the organization and museum services of Zètema Culture Project.

Location: Trajan's Market - Museo dei Fori Imperiali Via IV Novembre 94-00187 Rome

Period: April 14 - July 25, 2010

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9.00-19.00
(Ticket office closes one hour earlier)
Closed Mondays

Tickets: 8 euros

reduced 6 euro (EU citizens aged between 18 and 25 years and, subject to reciprocity, countries outside the European Union, to holders of a library card, membership card of the CTS, Metrebus Card annual conventions)

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