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Monday, 03 May 2010 09:39

Mimmo JodiceRome
from 9 of April to 11 of July
Palazzo delle Esposizioni

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni dedicates a major retrospective exhibition at Mimmo Jodice, curated by Ida Gianelli, to celebrate fifty years of the famous Italian photographer born in Naples seventy-five years ago.
In the exhibition, some 180 photographs taken between 1964 and 2009, all in black and white and printed mostly by hand by the author. To meet the first trials, images dating back to the Sixties, individual pieces with which the author experienced the expressive possibilities of photography. Then came the time of the survey office.

These images are "well built" (unlike the poetry of Cartier-Bresson), including those touching taken to Naples during the cholera epidemic. Since 1978, disappears in the work by Mimmo Jodice, the human figure.

In view of Naples, the Neapolitan artist's work shows a sign more radical: a few details known, almost trivial, holographic, the Neapolitan landscape assume the metaphysical meaning of true icons. In these pictures, as in later under the title of revisiting, Jodice no longer tells the real scene, but uses it for work of self-analysis, revealing the surreal as the life of every day. With the next round the Mediterranean, we arrive at the turn of the nineties.

Are the images of the most famous author, in which the protagonists are fragments of ancient remains or special accented with one eye capable of detecting the presence and magic of life. Just as surprising vitality are the photographs of the section below entitled Eden: food, manikins, tools, objects seemingly familiar and innocuous, as interpreted by the same author, which are turned, his and our eyes, in living material and alienating , with strong aggression.

It 'time, then, of Nature, is the section in which vegetation, cultivated or wild, to be grasped in its size alienating and visionary. The exhibition ends with the most recent and extensive section on the Sea: beaches, islands, reefs, images distilled from any urban or human presence, "interior landscapes" that give our world a definitive timeless dimension. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog, curated by Ida Gianelli, published by Federico Motta Editore.

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