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Monday, 18 January 2010 14:59

Il salone della mobilità

from 24 of February to 31 of May
Ara PAcis

A week after the 70th anniversary of the birth of Fabrizio De Andre arrives in Rome and interactive multimedia exhibit designed by Studio Azzurro, which tells the life, music, experiences, passions that have made "Faber" unique and universal. Even Rome, after Genoa and Nuoro, pays tribute to Fabrizio De André in hosting the exhibition spaces of the Museum of Ara Pacis, from 24 February to 30 May 2010 (one week after the 70th anniversary of his birth, February 18) " Fabrizio De André.

The exhibition "the course's multimedia Studio Azzurro - a leading international group of video art - which tells the life, music, the passions that made it unique and universal, an interpreter and in some cases anticipating, changes and transformations contemporary. Through narrative virtual, multimedia, interactive is offered to the public an emotional experience, through which everyone can get in relation to the universe of "Faber". The narrative and visual representation, textual and musical full of suggestions are offered and emotions and the public, may from time to time to choose which image of "Faber" develop itself in relation to one's own experience.

The exhibition tackles the great themes of poetry De Andrè: the affluent society and the economic boom of the '60s, the marginalized, and losers, freedom, anarchy and ethics, writers and cabaret, women el ' love, music and linguistic research, current events in the chronicle, the sites are part of its life, all gives us his ability to speak to the individual but to be both universal, recognized and loved by people of all types and ages.

The exhibition

First Environment - the poetic
Welcome visitors lined up six transparent screens in perspective optical (100x200cm each) that tell so many themes: Genoa, love, war, death, anarchy, the last. The visitor can deepen following the manuscripts of some songs, illustrated by newsreels, photographs and video interviews with Fabrizio.
On the walls you can explore the world of "Faber" through the drafts - Provisional and no - some of the songs, from "Song of May" to "Creuza de ma", to work in progress of "The Sunday of remains, until unpublished working notes for the disc, never realized, the "Night" that would be in response to "Anime salve".

According to Environment - Music
An interactive display tells the record production of Fabrizio. A series of small panels, which depict the covers of major studio discs, can be selected and placed on special tables, media, triggering a series of projections. The visitor can then "meet" Fabrizio, his friends and associates, the critic Richard Bertoncelli that with their contributions, framing the historical period and social climate in which the record was produced, the mechanisms of writing and recording, ETC. All contributions supplemented by video clips from television appearances and concerts.
Some boards collect all his official discography from the first 45giri "Baroque Clouds", accompanied by several gems, including the original matrices of the first discs Karim, now unobtainable posters, graphics and photographic samples of the "session" which was derived record covers the most famous. And still some valuable "eyes of an author" a kind of small gallery of images created by photographers who followed more closely Fabrizio during his lifetime, including Mimmo Dabbrescia, Luca Greguoli, Guido Harari, Reinhold Kohl, Francesco Leoni and Cesare Monti.

Third environment - Characters / The Tarot
Here the visitor "meets" the characters of the songs of Fabrizio. Close to the original Tarot, created by Pepi Morgia for the art of the tour of "The Clouds", are positioned three screens of the same shape and size. Are virtual tarot cards which they appear in thirty-one characters: the Michi, Nina, the fool, Geordie, Piero, Marinella, Teresa, Bocca di Rosa, an optician, the bomber, Angiolina, Sally, Charles Martel, Andrea, Princes, the gorilla, the judge, the player Jones, Jamin, the Roma of "Muslim Roma", the fisherman, Franziska, Suzanne, Mary Magdalene, Titus, Nancy, Capudan Sinan Pasha, the idler, the prostitutes of "A dumenega" and Death.
On a whiteboard touch screen you can choose your favorite character and create a personalized tarot choosing from a range of images and graphic signs and also adding a text. Later connect to the site of the exhibition (www.fabriziodeandrelamostra.com) you can customize even more your tarot. These tarot cards are then customized projected loop on another board.
In an area adjacent campeggerà piano Fabrizio, just what was a fine show in the great hall of Villa Paradiso and with whom the singer is portrayed in many of his photos of young people.
Third part of this environment, even a cinema - Fabrizio on video. The screen will scroll seamlessly a "roll" of over 5 hours, with all contributions in the archive of videos from Rai, presented for the first time in full and with many unpublished television appearances, interviews, concerts, moments of intimacy, all gathered in a thick frescoes by Vincenzo Mollica.

Fourth environment - Life
A detailed chronology and new "look of an author" with large format photographic prints. Visitors can choose from 25 images reproduced on many sheets of Plexiglas that can be placed in special frames on easels, stylized in a way reminiscent of the old view cameras. Once positioned, the plates will trigger a series of projections of images, movies, video interviews and more, tied to a particular period of life of Fabrizio.

Recess under the monument of the Ara Pacis - Traces of a life
Four caskets collect a selection of significant traces of a life: from the first notes written to his mother Louise, in which Fabrizio tries to justify and plead for forgiveness for his failures at school, a biography of Fabrizio drawn by hand by his mother for journalists some books and diaries strewn with working notes and citations noted, a letter to the poet Mario Luzi, another letter, this time dramatic, Fabrizio's father Giuseppe written during his imprisonment on Supramonte and countersigned by Dori, until the volume recorded of "Ephemeris" from which, as a true lover of astrology was inseparable.
In more centrally placed and the Grotto, the drafts "in progress" of "immense prayer," the spiritual testament of Fabrizio, including the Spanish version ( "Desmedida Plegaria" in the valuable translation of the poet Colombian Alvaro Mutis) starring André De for the film "Ilona is the rain, never released on disc.
The Grotto also hosts a series of woodblock prints by American artist Stephen Alcorn precious, always an admirer of De André.

An exhibition that invites the visitor to choose which images to be active "Faber" develop itself in relation to one's own experience, to customize your own path, not rigidly divided in thematic and chronological, but organized in such a way as to make the story The visual representation, textual and musical, full of charm and emotion.

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