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Monday, 18 January 2010 14:46

Edward HopperRoma
Museo Fondazione del Corso
from 16 of Febbruary to June 13

The first major exhibition of Edward Hopper in Italy arrived in Rome

For the first time in Italy, Rome and Milan pay tribute to the entire career of Edward Hopper (1882-1967), the most popular and well-known American artist of the twentieth century, with a great anthology unprecedented in our country. Received by the public with great success at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, with over 180 thousand visitors, the exhibition is eagerly awaited in Rome, where it will be open to the public February 16, 2010 in the Museum Fondazione Roma, with important changes: the arrival other works from American museums, an original and fascinating setting and a new edition of the catalog.

"Edward Hopper - says Professor Emmanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele, President of Fondazione Roma - is without doubt one of the most significant American artists of the twentieth century, which gave visibility and transfer original feelings and sensations, for an America less dazzling of what the traditional iconography has given us the time.

An America contours less monumental and less attractive: an America of the newspaper, made up of seemingly anonymous posts, but it pulses the lives of all the days of the "middle-class building, like it or not recognize, the real strength of this great nation.

As part of this America that we can define tumultuous growth, Hopper show aspects more bourgeois, more intimate, giving them a veneer, however original, in which - with great severity, the result of his personal view - shows us, in urban and agriculture, the feelings of a season of the soul that are the result of loneliness and alienation of man.

It is with great pride, so we present this exhibition in Rome, hoping that this operation we brought in agreement with the City of Milan and Arthemisia Group, created through a partnership with the Whitney Museum of American Arts and the Foundation 's Hermitage in Lausanne, as well as a contribution to the great American artist, is further testimony of our attention to the process of cultural osmosis that always moves the work of the Foundation Museum in Rome.

This, once again demonstrating my belief that these synergies - which put in a position to work with public and private, with no hegemonic pretensions of the other - could give rise to events of international level, as I am convinced that this is the means through which culture can be spread in a rational manner, allowing a wider use.

Rome dazzling new paintings. In addition to the 160 works on display at the exhibition in Milan, Rome will come other great artist's masterpieces, such as the beautiful Self-Portrait of 1925-1930 and, in addition, The Sheridan Theater (1937), New York Interior (1921 circa), Seven A . M. (1948); South Carolina Morning (1955) next to their preparatory sketches. Extraordinary paintings that complement the group of famous works are already in Milan, including Summer Interior (1909), Pennsylvania Coal Town (1947), Morning Sun (1952), Second Story Sunlight (1960), A Woman in the Sun (1961) and the beautiful Girlie Show (1941).

A path, edited by E. Carter Foster, who runs through the entire production of Hopper and all the techniques of an artist considered today a classic painting of the twentieth century.

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