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Monday, 18 January 2010 14:37

Il nostro mondoRome
from 6 of Febbruary to 2 of May 2010
Palazzo delle esposizioni

How is the human condition on the Planet? What are the differences and similarities that we find among populations that are thousands of miles apart from each other? What can be understood through images of people living in social, environmental and economic radically different? They are the photographers to answer these and other questions in the exhibit "Our World", third round of National Geographic Italy at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, after "Water, Air, Fire, Earth" and "Mother Earth".

With previous initiatives, the objective was focused on the problems of the planet, climate change and its dramatic effects, wealth and poverty of some nations, the difficulties of survival of many animal species.

In this new exhibition are involved exclusively in humans. With the images, over 90, made by great photographers working for the magazine internationally and nationally, a path is built "in stages" (children, women, men, people) that tells the human family to the places in cities in different countries. With the professional working overtime - 48, with completely new images for the magazine - the photographic journey allows you to capture the conflicts - social, cultural, religious, ethnic - that divide us, and what unites us instead: joy and innocence, youth and old age, stress and serenity, hard work and labor, peace and war.

The feelings, values, moods, lifestyles emphasize how much "likeness" there is among peoples and between individuals of the Earth. The photographs not only help us to see, but to understand, share, participation, solidarity. These photographs illuminate our eyes on the world and make us feel, for better or for worse, closer to the other.

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