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The Rome of Augustus Caesar PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 October 2013 17:54 | Written by paolo


Rome Scuderie del Quirinale from 18/10/2013 till the 09/02/2014
Rome was rebuilt after the Gallic fire without any real plan. Its streets were narrow and winding, its residential buildings tall and poky, and its public buildings designed according to the old Tuscanic tradition with a wealth of wood and terracotta.  Julius Caesar alone had attempted to build a new Rome, but adopting a totally new approach that was to earn him indignant disapproval.  Augustus, for his part, was only seemingly more cautious but in fact he was just as revolutionary.  Thus the famous saying "I found Rome brick and left it marble" really does reflect the reality of the situation.  He posed as a new Romulus, refounding the city under the banner of a newly rediscovered peace after decades of civil strife, imbuing his programme for monumentalising the city with symbolic references designed to evince his religious piety and to underscore the similarity between his own person and Rome's first king.

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