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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 14:21 | Written by paolo

Palace of Exhibitions from 28/09/2013 to 02/03/2014 Through the images of his greatest photographers, the exhibition traces the most important moments in the history of the Society. From early photographs appeared on the magazine to the present day , with the evolution of communication and technology which, thanks to the Internet and on TV nowadays guarantee a result of hundreds of millions of people worldwide , of which thirty million readers of the magazine and over a million readers and " navigators" in Italian . "Being able to build bridges that bypassing millennia , continents, civilizations , languages ​​that reach human beings , writings , laws, customs , faiths would seem inexorably to divide us, and instead discover that there are similissimi - almost like brothers - this is an outstanding pleasure." I borrow the words of Fosco Maraini , writer, photographer , traveler - pilgrim , ethnologist , because they are very close to my idea more than others from National Geographic. Although it is true that the Society has offered millions and millions of people the opportunity to discover the World in its immensity , I believe that the most significant contribution to cover the opportunity to learn directly all living things on Earth. And first nations. Thanks to the magazine - the only one of its kind because it contains within it more magazines - I came into contact with women , children, old people of the most diverse places . I learned histories, cultures , ways of life - and survive - reading reports and looking beautiful extraordinary photographs .

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