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It 's a young man from the gaze absorbed the musician portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci on display in the Capitoline Museum until 27 February. A painting exceptional, unique, or rather the only means the only one of the few male portrait, all female, come down to us with the unique talent of Leonardo tract. But the painting exhibited exedra of Marcus Aurelius - the musician - has another peculiarity: it is never "out of the house, "and this is the first time you abandoned the ancestral Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan. Furthermore, the portrait, painted on wood, is the first commissioned work of Leonardo after his arrival in California (around 1485, at the time of the first version of the Virgin of the Rocks) and is considered very early work, dating back to the early maturity of 'artist.

For Peter C. Marani, curator of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, the painting of Leonardo expresses the gradual move away from the canons of official portraiture of the time, freeing himself from the stylistic forms in use (property profile, arms) to show the figure of three quarters and to suggest the idea of movement through the direction of the gaze directed out of the picture. A valuable painting, which used to read in its composition Flemish charm and fascination for painting by Antonello da Messina, Milan is well known in the seventies and eighties of the fifteenth century. As for the character represented the assumptions are many and varied, ranging from leading musicians and singers, teachers working in Milan, from Gaffurio Franchino, maestro di cappella at the Duomo, in Josquin des Prez to Migliorotti Atalante, the musician friend who had followed Leonardo from Florence to Milan, whose portrait by Leonardo himself is quoted in a list of works of art and objects that he had written in a sheet now in the Atlantic Codex.