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A major exhibition in the next flag to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. In the statement, "1861.
The painters of the Renaissance ", at the Quirinal Stables until January 16, 2011, tell those years of strong ideals and impetus that led to independence and national unity, illustrating both the epic dimension of the battlefield and the more intimate and private households, collected on hold.

On display, among the forty works, works of the greatest artists of the time (by Francesco Hayez in Induno Dominic and Jerome, by Eleuterio straw Giovanni Fattori, among others), which highlight, with accents without celebratory rhetoric, a realistic representation of popular participation, focusing on an epic view of the Risorgimento "direct drive" through the testimony of many artists-patriots: and this is the heart of the exhibition, the paintings of battles by the so-called "painters soldiers," Lombardy, Tuscany and Naples.

And you can also find in comparison, never happened before, the paintings of Giovanni Fattori, the leader of Macchiaioli - not on the battlefield even if it is convinced of the Risorgimento - and Jerome Induno - instead it participated directly in the Battle of Crimea - beyond the various languages expression, one common thread: to bring to the fore, in the representation of events, the idea of an ideal and popular participation, the "behind the scenes" in the rear, as can be seen in two monumental masterpieces such as Assault on Our Lady of Discovery or Episode of the Battle of San Martino 1864-1868 by Giovanni Fattori, or The Battle of Tchernaya, the 1857 work of Jerome Induno.

Presented to the press by the president and director of 'special company Palaexpo Emmanuele Emanuele and Mario De Simoni, from' the Capital of Culture Councillor Umberto Croppi by Giuliano Amato, Chairman of the Committee for the celebrations of 150anni 'Unita' d 'Italy, Antonio Paolucci Chairman of the Culture Committee of the Quirinale, and Fernando Mazzocca and Carlo Sisi curators, the exhibition was inaugurated with a private visit by President Giorgio Napolitano and the Mayor Gianni Alemanno.

Accompany the exhibition a series of depth to the show: meetings, cinema, concerts.

painters of the Renaissance

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