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Great Venice. Lands and people, to Istanbul and Alexandria is the iconographic exhibition which will be staged in Space Fountain Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome from September 30 to October 31, 2010, under the third edition of the Festival of Travel Writing, an exhibition dedicated to different forms of narration of the journey (from literature to cinema itself, from photography to music, theater, comics) and this year will focus on the theme "Towards the East, the Levant."

Arranged in cohabiting, mingling on the walls, maps and photos of yesterday today. Maps, books and atlases (from collections preserved in the Library of the Italian Geographical Society), alongside contemporary photographs (chosen in collaboration with the photo agency Luz), regarding the area of influence of the Serenissima of long ago: Countries that bordering the Mediterranean to Istanbul, Alexandria and beyond.
61 photographs of various authors show that these places (and people who live there) today, portraits from different points of view (from the geographical name), through the variety of looks and interpretations of the photographers who contribute to the exhibition.
13 maps (to retrace the routes, the routes of commerce, trade and cultural voyages of discovery) and 12 rare and valuable books and atlases published from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century (in which are contained representations of the ancient world and knowledge refer to the universal knowledge of the land then explored). Among the most valued works: The Journey from Constantinople to Venetia Joseph Rosaccio of 1598 (next to the original there will be a playback available from visitors), The Geography of Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria in 1561, the Atlante Veneto Vincenzo Maria Coronelli's 1690; Atlas of Gerardus Mercator in 1632, the model of portolano Albino de Canepa dating back to 1480, the Epitome du Theatre du monde by Abraham Ortelius in 1590. Will also be produced with a panel postcards from the collection of the geographer Elio Migliorini, preserved at the Photographic Archives of the Italian Geographical Society.
At the inauguration, Thursday, Sept. 30 at 19, is planning a meeting with the student of Croatian origin Predrag Matvejevic (author of Venice and other Mediterranean Breviary), Jan Morris, writer and historic Welsh, Stefano Malatesta, a journalist and author, Francesco da Mosto, architect and documentary filmmaker, and Maria Silvia Codecasa, anthropologist. During the festival, is also provided for the screening of mounting photos and videos in the Forum Hall building at the Fountain Area.