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Three days to live like the days of ancient Rome. The event Ludi Romani, International Festival of Roman Civilization and Culture, held on 23 and 25 September 26 at the Museum of Roman Civilization and the square Eur Benito Juarez, is a true "immersion" in Roman world, including historical re-enactments and plays.

In different rooms of the Museum of replicated environments typical daily life of the time: the forensic basilica, the market, the temple. Here children can become young Roman citizens facing judicial oration or shopping in a market, including coins, prices and units of ancient Rome.
The location inside the Museum also demonstrations of traditional trades of the time, the surgeon by the weaver, the blacksmith from the mosaic, and even food illustration of ancient Rome or sea routes for trade then. You can also try one of the most fashionable hairstyles, making combing "the eighth" or "to Faustina" or make up the fashions of 2 thousand years ago.

Special area is devoted to the reconstruction of a Roman camp (castra) and here, with the participation of groups of historical re-enactment will take place with parades parades of legionaries, combat simulations: all provide a picture of the day in the life of the legionnaire. Will also exhibit war machines reproduced in original size.

There will also theater, dance and music (with the use of old instruments).

In the first day, 23 (10 to 12.30), there are lectures and discussions, on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 (from 10 to 19) will be set up all activities related to the reenactment and educational for children. To participate in educational workshops booking is required, which can be carried out at the site or via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it www.ludiromani.it. The activity is free, included in the ticket.

The "Ludi Magni" took place in the Circus Maximus in ancient Rome, just in September, dedicated to Jupiter Optimus Maximus, and even in the Augustan period lasted sixteen days, including parades, sacrifices, games and circus performances. Dances, music, theater, sports skills tests and techniques of war mingled in a series of events involving the whole population. The games were in honor of Jupiter, worshiped in the temple on the Capitoline Hill, which guarantees the cohesion of the state of eternity and power of Rome.

The event is sponsored by and starring Under the Same Cultural Politics and Communication of the City of Rome, of the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage, Hall XII, the Lazio Region, the Museum of Roman civilization, and Museums in City Zètema project culture, the euro spa and Latinitatis Centrum Europae.

More information: www.ludiromani.it