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An exhibition that, in the title, reveals the key choice to go through a stretch of art and life of Van Gogh unexplored, that sort of ambiguity in placed at the world reveals itself, for example, in the double identity of self which shows, alternately in the guise of "gentleman of the city" and countryman. Opposing worlds, the campaign fixed and immutable, and the city center of movement and change, including the artist swings, painful impossibility of a final choice.

Seventy masterpieces on display including paintings, watercolors and works on paper by the Dutch master, all works selected from those who best illustrate the theme of the exhibition as "planters of potatoes" (and beautiful drawings of peasant women bent to work), "The viaduct ")," The Gardens in Montmartre, and more than thirty works of great artists who were inspired - including Millet, Pissarro, Cezanne, Gauguin and Seurat.
Presenting the show Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage, Francesco Giro, has also highlighted the role of the Vittoriano complex, destined to become "a museum of museums", and the City 'eternal, for 150 years of' Unity 'd' Rome Capital of Italy and 140, will be a global player 's art.

At present the exhibition, as well as under-secretary for Cultural Heritage, Francesco Giro, the adviser to the President of the Republic for the preservation of artistic heritage, Louis Godart, The commissioner of Cultural Policy and the Communication of the City of Rome, Umberto Croppi i, l 'Councillor for cultural policies of the Province of Rome, Cecilia D' Elia 's commissioner for culture, to' Art and Sport of the Lazio Region, Fabiana Santini, writer and journalist Giordano Bruno Guerri and curator, Cornelia Homburg.

The exhibition, which was founded under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, is promoted by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, in collaboration with the participation of the Municipality of Rome - Department of Cultural Policy and Communications - of the Province Rome - Presidency and Department of Cultural Policy - Lazio Region - Chair and Department of Culture, Arts and Sport - with the support of the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of the United Netherlands to Rome and the Institute for the History of the Italian Risorgimento. The exhibition is organized and carried out by Communicate Organizing Alessandro Nicosia, with the support of key institutions such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Guggenheim, the 'Hammer Museum, National Gallery of Canada, the National Tate and the Louvre.