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Colosseum and Therm of Caracalla in the Night PDF Print E-mail
After the success of nightly visits inaugurated last year, from Saturday, August 21 The Special Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of Rome happening every Saturday until Oct. 2, a night tour of the Flavian Amphitheatre.

The atmosphere will be particularly special thanks to the lighting of underground tunnels and arches inside. The course, organized in small groups led by an archaeologist, includes a visit to the permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the Colosseum. We discuss the architecture and the operation of the technical apparatus of the many activities and pastimes which viewers were engaged during breaks.
The tour continues with shows Gladiatores, which shows the "profession" means the gladiator weapons and accessories made by skilled craftsmen on the basis of the descriptions of ancient writers and representations on frescoes, reliefs, mosaics, graffiti survived.

The tour ends on the floor of the arena with a beautiful view on the basement of the Coliseum, which housed the animals and the paraphernalia required to lift up the arena complex stage sets that served as background to the shows.
The entrance for the visit, in Italian and English, takes place from the north gate, on the side toward Oppian (last visit is scheduled at 23).

For the first time this year, will also open the evening visit the Baths of Caracalla. Also since August 21, every Saturday until Oct. 23. During his visit will highlight the architectural features and decorative building spa, in addition to the different functions of each environment. Will also visit those aspects of daily life related recreation, body care and organization of the spa complex.

The Thermae Antonianae, one of the largest and best preserved ancient thermal complex, were built in the southern city on the initiative of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Caracalla Bassiano said that the main building, dedicated in 216 AD The rectangular plan is typical of the "great imperial baths.
The baths were not just a building for swimming, sports and body-care, but also a place for walking and study. The Baths of Caracalla are one of the rare cases where it is possible to reconstruct, even partially, the original decorative scheme.

The written sources speak of huge marble columns, marble flooring colored oriental glass paste mosaics and marble walls, painted stucco and hundreds of colossal statues and groups, both in the niches of the walls of the rooms and halls and more important in gardens. Water supply was created a special branch of the Acqua Marcia, Aqua Antoniniana. Restored several times, the thermal plant ceased to operate in 537 AD The massive structures appear even more gigantic with the night lights.

Admission at the gate Oppian.
- August: Saturday 21:28
- September: Saturday 4, 11, 18:25
- October: Saturday 2nd (Saturday only 9.16 and 23 Baths of Caracalla)

From 21 hours to 24 hours

Full: € 15 Concessions: € 12 (children aged 6 to 12 years, groups of 40 persons, members of Fidelity Art Paper Two)
Baths of Caracalla
Full: € 10 Concessions: € 8

Reservation required (reservation charges are included) to 06.39967700
For more information visit http://www.pierreci.it