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With 'Tango Villa', declined on four evenings at Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival from August 12 will explore intersections and mergers of this music passionate and exciting, bringing on stage the more secret aspects of a genre often known only as 'dance' but this time in 'collective imagination to appear 26 times as a movie title (from 1931 to 2006, in no particular order).


Start survey Norma Beatriz Santillo, Argentine singer, performer and a great connoisseur of intense 'Cancion', with an evening dedicated to Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzola, brilliant actors and creators of new life of Tango: if there is a before and an after as singing and playing the tango from them.

August 13 is the scene of the 'union of artistic accordionist, pianist and composer Julian Pino Jodice Soscia with pianist, composer, arranger and director of' jazz orchestra is born 'Giuliana Soscia & Pino Jodice Quartet'.
The project 'Tango in Buenos Aires from Naples' was founded in 2008 during a concert at the Opera House in Ankara, which was followed by an output record job recently.

Tango, said Jorge Luis Borges, is a way of walking, a way of feeling life, which colors a bit 'as it did with the Jazz, including the stories of its protagonists and its interpreters. Here, August 14, that the formation of Javier Girotto to demonstrate the successful combination of genres with 'Six Sax', original approach to composition, all signed by Javier Girotto, Argentine saxophonist and composer, virtuoso technique and an innovator in the linguistic choices . Here the music, but with spaces for 'improvisation uses compositional structures to emphasize the ability of individual solo musicians, in a lineup that includes all the souls of the composer, giving breath to his share of soul jazz.

For the evening of August still Javier Girotto, formula Aires Tango: making explicit reference to music of the great Astor Piazzolla with Javier Girotto Aires Tango offers a repertoire of original music in the progressive evolution and the nature adventurous and inventive for the continuous parts of the musical material.