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U2 have published new official dates of the Tour 2010 will see the Irish Band performing in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Austria, Greece, Turkey, France, Spain and Portugal and also in South America.
In addition, Bono and company will return with a concert in Italy at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome

Will play in Rome on October 8, 2010 U2, Irish rock band who decided to visit our capital after several years of absence.

The date is announced between Rome and the hottest part of the 2010 tour the band decided to return because of the success of the 2009 tour.

No coincidence that the concert will present proposals in part the choreography on stage this year with a video system cylindrical LED panels interdependent and a steel structure that rises from the ground for more than 45 meters on a massive stage with rotating bridges.

Tickets for the 360 ° Tour 2010 will be divided into
Lawn RED ZONE 1 Full: € 287.50
Lawn RED ZONE 2 Full: € 287.50
Tribuna Monte Mario Industry First Numbered Full: € 172.50
First Sector Forum Tiber Numbered Full: € 172.50
Curva Nord Numbered Full: € 109.25
Distinguished Northwest Numbered Full: € 109.25
According Tribuna Monte Mario area Numbered Full: € 109.25
According to Industry Forum Tiber Numbered Full: € 109.25
Lawn Full: € 63.25
First Industry Distinguished Southeast Numbered Full: € 63.25
First Southwest Section Distinguished Numbered Full: € 63.25
Curva Sud Numbered Full: € 34.50