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It ended just over a month, the exhibition entitled Caravaggio at the Quirinal Stables with over six hundred thousand visitors and talk about it already Caravaggio in Rome. Saturday, July 17, to commemorate the fourth centenary of the death of the great artist, Rome pays homage to the extraordinary openness and free all night, places that hold his work.

Caravaggio, along with Van Gogh dare say, is the favorite artist of all time, surpassing the popularity of art superstars as Michelangelo and Leonardo. It is also probably his life, the dark side, the mystique surrounding his wanderings, to make it a very contemporary cultural phenomenon. Caravaggio perfectly embodies the modern myth of the artist, contemporary genius, the master from the soul restless. To contribute to this collective image of Caravaggio, of course, the stormy events that plagued his life, ending with a conviction for murder. The charm of Caravaggio also stems from his style marked by the dramatic force of realism and ability, extraordinary, to interpret reality through the use of light.
During the night of Caravaggio churches and museums will be connected by a continuous line of shuttle buses. Admission is free, guided tours reservation and according to the capacity of places el'affluenza. The idea of the homage to Michelangelo Merisi night was Scarlett Vodret, superintendent of the passionate scholar and teacher. The exhibition was sponsored and conducted by the Special Office for the Heritage and the Museums of Rome with the coordination of MondoMostre.

Nine works will be exhibited at the Galleria Borghese. This is the Boy with a Basket of Fruit of the Sick Bacchus, Writer of St. Jerome, Our Lady of the Grooms of David with the Head of Goliath. These works, which are part of the heritage of the Galleria Borghese, will join the Narcissus and Judith and Holofernes from the Palazzo Barberini, Galleria Corsini St. John the Baptist and that of the Pinacoteca Capitolina.
The construction will be done in-house mansion of Cardinal Scipione to return the excursion that Caravaggio transformed by unknown artist to poor bone of contention of the most important families of the seventeenth century Italian. During the night I do not miss the works of Caravaggio contained within the Churches. The first commission was the Roman artist Contarelli Chapel in St. Louis of France, here the public can admire The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew The Calling of St. Matthew and St. Matthew and the Angel. Another goal of the night Caravaggio is the Cerasi Chapel of Santa Maria del Popolo, where you face the Conversion of St. Paul and the Crucifixion of St. Peter. At St. Augustine Caravaggio painted the Madonna of the Pilgrims also visited at night time.
A wonderful opportunity for tourists and residents find masterpieces of art history and the Capital live differently.