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Monday, 18 January 2010 15:13

La natura secondo de Chirico

from 9 of April to 11 of July 2010
Palazzo Esposizioni

At the conclusion of the celebrations of De Chirico 2008-2009, Palazzo delle Esposizioni is preparing to devote a significant tribute to the great master Italian founder of the Met, the most significant cultural movement and rich throughout the twentieth century that it was in 2010, making a century.

Born in 1888 in Volos, in the heart of classical Greece, from a noble Italian family, and trained in Monaco where he remained mystified by the symbolist painting and reading of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, Giorgio de Chirico's painting The Enigma of an autumn afternoon in Florence in 1910, giving life to art metaphysics, which will develop in Paris and Ferrara.

The artist devotes his life (he died in Rome ninety in 1978) to explore the poetic possibilities of an art aimed to bring out the mysteriousness of reality. While reflecting the artist's entire production, from the start symbol until neometafisici developments of recent years, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity to get closer to his art, focusing on a specific theme: the gaze of the painter in the world of Nature.

In de Chirico, in fact, the idea of nature remains a constant reference, either when it is idealized as celebrated as in landscapes or mythological poetic appearance in the famous "vine" silent ", and when it is transformed nell'allucinazione of urban squares of Italy or denied in icy geometries dummies. Nature, understood as the Cosmos as ordered, or Chaos, is in itself incomprehensible, and asks the painter a possible solution to the enigma of its appearance.

Curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, the most famous art critics, the exhibition will examine some 120 paintings from leading public and private collections, and is divided into seven thematic sections separate, distributed in a journey rich in suggestive galleries Round the sides of the monumental Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

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